The Bioenergy Map shows examples of bioenergy installations and related local information. The map is being jointly developed (and communicated) by a broad network of organisations, regions, local authorities, companies and other energy actors within the framework of the initiative, a non-profit initiative supported by the European Union to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency. The following map intends to facilitate information exchange at local level and across borders. The map thereby contributes to the understanding of bioenergy and illustrates its role in the energy transition.


The following map is extracted from the European project called BASIS. This map has been designed to help bioenergy project developers to assess their feedstock risks by analysing regional biomass potential and competition. In this respect, a maximum of EU28 plants (above 1MW) using woodchips as fuel for both heat or electricity production have been aggregated on the BASIS map. Have you installed a bioenergy system in your household or business? Add your example to the map to make it visible and inspire others to use bioenergy as well. Each example is important! More information at