Directors from AEBIOM (Full Members)

    • Didzis Palejs - President
    • Didzis Palejs - President

    • The Latvian Bioenergy Association (Latbio)
    • Thomas Siegmund - Vice-President

    • The German Bioenergy Association (BBE)
    • Christoph Pfemeter
    • Christoph Pfemeter

    • The Austrian Biomass Association (ABA)
    • Gustav Melin
    • Gustav Melin

    • The Swedish Bioenergy Association (SVEBIO)
    • Michael Doran
    • Michael Doran

    • The Irish Bioenergy Association (Irbea)
    • Pablo Rodero

    • The Spanish Bionenergy Association (AVEBIOM)
    • Vanja Curin

    • The Biomass Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Annalisa Paniz
    • Annalisa Paniz

    • The Italian Association of Biomass (AIEL)
    • Ilias Papageorgiadis

    • The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (ARBIO)
    • Hannes Tuohiniitty

    • The Bioenergy Association of Finland (Bioenergia ry)
    • Marijan Kavran

    • The Croatian Association of Biomass, Pellets and Associated Technologies (CROBIOM)
    • Vilma Gaubyte
    • Vilma Gaubyte

    • The Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association (Litbioma)
    • Michael Persson

    • The Danish Bioenergy Association

Directors from AEBIOM (Associated Members)

    • Eric Vial
    • Eric Vial

    • Propellet France, France
    • Ross McKenzie

    • Drax
    • Werner Sitzmann

    • Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co

All AEBIOM activities are managed by the General Assembly, the Steering Committee and the Board of Directors:


The General Assembly is made of all members and has the following functions:

  • Examine and approve the annual report presented by the Board of Directors
  • Examine and approve the accounts, balance sheets, and budget
  • Elect one or more auditors from the members who report to the GA with regard to the financial accountability over the previous period (e.g. the previous year)
  • Determine membership fees on proposal of the Board of Directors
  • Approve and comment on the activities of the Board of Directors as well as to decide on any activity of AEBIOM

The Steering Committee is made of all Full Members and has the following functions:

  • Elect the 1 President among all the members
  • Elect up to 15 additional members for the Board of Directors for a duration of 2 years mandate, while keeping a majority of full members (President included in the calculation)
  • Decide about modifications of the Statutes and about the dissolution of AEBIOM

The Board of Directors is made of maximum 16 persons and has the following functions:

  • Elect the Vice-President among its members
  • Prepare the decisions of the General Assembly and Steering Committee
  • Approve new members

To find out more information about AEBIOM’s structure and organisation, please refer to our Statutes and By-Laws.