Biomass Counts


The Biomass Counts campaign is an initiative launched by AEBIOM in December 2014. Bioenergy currently represents 60% of the EU’s total renewables consumption. However, some decision-makers and citizens are still not fully aware of either the environmental, socio-economic, geo-strategic potential of bioenergy and of its great dynamism and innovation capacity. The main goal of this campaign is to set out and to balance the discussions on biomass use through various practical examples, providing figures and stemming from projects developed all across Europe. The second objective of the Biomass Counts campaign consists in explicitly presenting the needs of the bioenergy industry in order to guarantee a sustainable growth. This includes – among other things – the need for an EU strategy/action plan focused on the heating and cooling sector and for the definition of legally binding, EU-harmonised sustainability criteria.

Among all the reasons explaining the importance of biomass, it has been decided to base the campaign on 4 key pillars emphasising the unique role that biomass plays in a strong and competitive low carbon economy:

Each element of the Biomass Counts campaign will be publicly presented during the year to explore these themes and to have successful exchanges at the EU level:

agenda final october

Many European partners and ambassadors have already joined the campaign. The list is regularly updated on the Biomass Counts website. Buoyed by their first successes, the national associations affiliated to AEBIOM are going to transpose the above-mentioned themes of the Biomass Counts campaign in the coming months. The aim is notably to give more visibility to bioenergy as COP21 is drawing near.

If you think that biomass is and will continue to be a vital component of the European energy mix in the medium and long term, do not hesitate to join us.

Biomass counts and the EU can count on biomass!