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The key objective of the project European Pellet Quality Certification is to create and implement an ambitious and uniform certification system for pellets in Europe, called “ENplus”, which will be used both by the heat and the power markets, for intra European trade but also for imports.



Wood pellet is an excellent fuel for residential and service heating and for producing CHP, DH and green electricity. The current EU pellet market of about 10 m tons is expected to grow up to 100 m tons by 2020. The key objective of the project is to create and implement a uniform certification system for pellets in Europe (“ENplus”) which will be used by heat, CHP and power markets. The EU pellet standard EN 14961-2 is an important step to create a harmonised set of pellet qualities. A solid EU quality certification scheme is crucial to simplify work of the pellets producers and increase confidence by pellets equipment manufacturers and consumers. So far only national schemes have been developed. A scheme that would be recognised by the small scale heat market and the medium/large scale industrial users will improve flexibility and fluidity of the market, thereby improving supply security and reducing detrimental price peaks. Sustainability criteria are heavily debated today, but only private initiatives have really started, mainly driven by power utilities. ENplus will include sustainability criteria endorsed by market actors after consultation with stakeholders.

Target Groups: The heat and power markets

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Project Duration: 01/05/2011 – 30/04/2014


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