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In short:

The goal of this project is to support and promote the (partial) substitution of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) used for heating, by available bioenergy sources (industrial wastes, forest biomass, straw and other agricultural biomass) in the project partners’ countries and beyond. In this context, the project will contribute to increase much-needed security of energy supply through lower dependence on fossil fuels from politically volatile sources.


Dissemination and replication of best practice experiences and approaches for:

  • Usage of forest wood-chips, by-products from wood-based industries, pellets and straw in larger biomass boilers (> several 100 kW to xx MW heat load);
  • For low temperature and process heat-only purposes;
  • In business sectors (auto-producer plants) and in the district heating (DH) sector;
  • At newly to invest or existing sites, i.e. a (partly) fuel switch from fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil) to solid biomass usage.

Target groups:

Owners and operators of industrial heating plants (for private or district heating), all other actors who play an important role within the value chain of bioenergy heat.

Duration: 32 months

Project website:

Project leader interview:

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AEBIOM Contact:

Nino Aveni





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