The European Industry of Pellet Suppliers (EIPS) is an umbrella organisation of AEBIOM founded in 2012, aiming at representing the interests of European companies focused on the wood pellet business. EIPS was created by the joint forces of the European industry of pellet producers, traders and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain in order to represent their interests in Brussels. Currently, EIPS represents 8 companies.

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EIPS’ objective is to promote the use of pellets as energy carrier in Europe for the production of power and heat. In this respect, EIPS elaborate positions and express the views of pellets producers and their partners towards policy makers, media and other EU stakeholders on EU policy issues. EIPS is also a key platform at EU level to develop initiatives on common issues such as health and safety, regulatory compliance, standardization and certification of pellets, etc.

EIPS’ internal organisation: EIPS President is Ludger Spohr and Vice-President is Anne Leibold (German Pellets).  The daily coordination of EIPS is ensured by Gilles Gauthier, General Manager of the group.

Membership benefits:

Are you involved in the European pellet business?

  • If you are an association, join EPC, the European Pellet Council;
  • If you are a company, join EIPS, the European Industry of Pellet Suppliers. EIPS has two membership categories:
    Full members: European pellet producers or traders
    Supporting members: pellet brokers, ports/terminals, logistic providers, shipping companies, equipment suppliers, certification companies, law firms, insurances, consultants, etc.

4 key reasons to join EIPS:

  • Make your voice heard at the EU level: we provide information on pellets and express the views of pellets suppliers on policy files to EU policy makers and stakeholders;
  • Be part of key international pellet sector discussions: the group is in regular contacts with US and Canadian pellet producers and represents the European pellet suppliers towards utilities (Sustainable Biomass Partnership);
  • Share know-how and experiences on common sectoral issues such as market data, safety, logistics, certification of pellets, etc.;
  • Network and gain visibility: the group is having regular internal meetings which allow the members to exchange recent information on developments in their sector. Also, the group and its members represent the European pellet sector at related public events.


Gilles Gauthier
The European Industry of Pellet Suppliers
General Manager
Tel: +32 2 318 40 35
E-mail: gauthier{at}pelletcouncil.eu



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