WG Advanced Biofuels

AEBIOM launched a European working group on advanced biofuels on the 15th of November 2012. The aim of the working group is to offer a discussion platform for companies with similar interests, and to commonly voice the concerns of the sector to the outside world.

As most advanced biofuels are produced from lignocellulosic biomass, the advanced biofuels industry will have to address issues such as logistics of woody biomass supply chains, sustainability and security of biomass supply. This common ground highlights the relevance of a dedicated collaboration between AEBIOM and the advanced biofuels sector. Activities of the working group will focus on biomass demand for the advanced biofuels sector, on the availability of advanced biofuels for European Members States and on the elaboration of policy recommandations. Companies are welcome to join AEBIOM and to participate to this working group.




Jean-Marc Jossart
General Secretary
Tel: + 32 2 318 41 00
E-mail: jossart@aebiom.org