WG Sustainability

In response to the intense discussions at both the EU and national level about biomass sustainability – in the context of an upcoming EU biomass sustainability policy, the AEBIOM Sustainability Working Group offers a platform to discuss this subject and to commonly voice the views, expectations and concerns of the bioenergy sector to the outside world.

All AEBIOM members can participate to the meetings of the Sustainability Working Group. It gives significant input to influence the AEBIOM positions. Read for example:

AEBIOM answer and position on a sustainable bioenergy policy for the period after 2020

AEBIOM and EBA position paper on sustainability of solid and gaseous biomass

AEBIOM and EURELECTRIC on EU-wide binding sustainability criteria for biomass




  Fanny-Pomme Langue
   Policy Director
   Tel: + 32 2 318 40 33
   E-mail: langue@aebiom.org





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