Higher renewable energy ambition required to avoid deployment slowdown

European renewable energy industry statement on the European 2030 renewable energy target  Dear Members of the European Parliament, The Clean Energy for All Europeans package proposed by the European Commission in November last year suggests a European binding target of at least 27% renewable energy by 2030. This target’s lack of ambition translates to a slow-down in renewable energy deployment … Read More

Capitalising on Namibia’s Encroacher Bush

Bush encroachment, or the rapid spread of native bush and shrub species, is one of the greatest challenges currently facing Namibia that poses serious environmental and economic threats. The country, located on the south-west coast of southern Africa, has an estimated 45 million hectares of land affected by encroacher bush. The bush not only impacts land productivity and inhibits agriculture … Read More

PR – The Eickhout paradox: How to reach 45% renewables by 2030 while jeopardising the EU’s main source of renewable energy?

8th June 2017 EU inter-institutional discussions on solid bioenergy sustainability have started today with the publication of the European Parliament’s first draft report. The ENVI committee is leading the discussions on the harmonised, binding criteria proposed in November by the Commission, with Mr. Eickhout (Greens/EFA, NL) as rapporteur. Following the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, it is … Read More

Seven industry associations call on Members of the European Parliament to support a label for the installed stock of boilers

Currently, the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committe is intensely debating what should be the next steps for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Improving the energy performance of Europe’s existing buildings will be essential to meet the EU’s climate and energy targets. In addition, it is widely recognized that modernising the heating systems currently installed in the EU’s … Read More

Clean Energy Package – 11 points to ensure a sustainable future for Bioenergy in the EU

Since the release of the Clean Energy package last November, AEBIOM has been analysing the provisions that ensure the sustainable development of bioenergy in Europe. As the European Parliament and European Council are beginning discussions on this section of the Clean Energy package, to help bring landmarks to the debate, AEBIOM has wrapped up its key points that should be endorsed to ensure the development of … Read More

Tofte terminal (Norway): Statkraft’s first bioenergy production platform ‘firing up’ since Winter 2016

Tofte terminal (Norway): Statkraft’s first bioenergy production platform ‘firing up’ since Winter 2016. Statkraft’s biomass trading team continues to expand the premium-quality supply of wood chips from Tofte, packaged with bankable, long-term risk absorbing commodity contracts with customer friendly flexibility. We caught up with the teams involved for the following update. Market Update: The last 10 years of European biomass … Read More

Discover Bioenergy in 360°

AEBIOM’s latest event  Visions of Bioenergy – Bringing Local Initiatives to Brussels  offered participants the unique opportunity to visit a BLTC (Biomass Logistic Trade Center)  in Leoben, Austria. Through an immersive 360° video, you can discover the trade center, how it works and the benefits it offers to the local community. Access final presentations  here and check out our photo recap on our Flickr page .

Joint position papers on the Electrification of Heating and Cooling & the Primary Energy Factor

Brussels, 08.05.17 – The European Biomass Association ( AEBIOM ), the European Geothermal Association ( EGEC ) and the European Solar Thermal Association ( ESTIF ), release joint position papers on the Electrification of Heating and Cooling & the Link Between the PEF and Eco-Design/Energy Labeling Regulations:   The Electrification of the Heating and Cooling Sector: Energy consumption in the heating sector, including space heating, … Read More

European Commission to invest €8.9 million in 184 innovative businesses, including MHG Systems

MHG Systems has been selected for funding in the latest round of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument! Wuudis project was proposed for the Phase 1 of the instrument, which means that MHG Systems will receive €50 000 to finance feasibility studies for new products that can disrupt the market! “In this first round in 2017, the European Commission received 2111 … Read More

“Smart building” – A buzzword with opportunities for the EU pellet industry

Christiane Egger is the Director of the Regional Energy Agency of Upper Austria. Founded in 1991, the agency runs various projects on energy-related issues with the main mission of promoting renewables and energy efficiency practices. To achieve these objectives, Christiane Egger is leading the CleanTech-Cluster , a regional energy platform established in 2000 that brings together key renewable energy providers including … Read More