Bioenergy creates a carbon debt – myth or reality?

If EU officials believe the hype start to doubt that bioenergy can contribute positively to climate targets, this may well lead to changes in bioenergy policy. Goran Berndes from Chalmers University of Technology, in his publication ‘Bioenergy, Land use change and climate mitigation’, responds to this question saying that ‘while emissions from land use change (LUC) can be significant in some circumstances, the simple notion of land use change emissions is not sufficient reason to exclude bioenergy from the list of worthwhile technologies for climate change mitigation’.

Why? Because a bioenergy project can provide a sound response to climate change mitigation despite the fact that it might cause a certain level of land use change emissions. It is a matter of size of these emissions in comparison with the benefits of expanding bioenergy.

Read full article: June 2012 Bioenergy Insight

Edita Vagonyte,  Bioenergy Insight , p.3