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AEBIOM Annual Report 2013

January 2013

AEBIOM publishes the annual report for 2013. READ MORE

Market and Sector Handbooks of the CrossBorder Bioenergy Project

Within the CrossBorder Bioenergy project, the results of the European market assessment were published for each examined sector giving stakeholders an excellent overview on the latest status and market conditions in their field of business.


Download the 2013 Statistical Report HERE

Statistics are essential to follow market trends, build strategies and support policy making. AEBIOM fully understands this concern and publishes its fifth annual statistical bioenergy outlook, still free of charge for everyone.

Data collection is still challenging. Rules followed by Eurostat are not obvious to understand for non-initiated people and same questions are coming up all the time. The complexity of the bioenergy sector makes it difficult to gain a clear picture of the sector, its dynamics and its future potential. However, a targeted promotion of this important renewable energy source is decisive for the whole of the renewable energy industry in Europe.

Therefore AEBIOM, European Biomass Association, has published a comprehensive collection of data on biomass, mainly based on existing data published in many different documents in order to contribute to a better understanding and further successful development of bioenergy in Europe.

Forest Sustainability and Carbon Balance Report

September 2013

AEBIOM publishes the Forest sustainability and carbon balance of EU importation of North American Forest Biomass for Bioenergy Production Report.  READ MORE

AEBIOM Annual Report 2012

January 2012

AEBIOM publishes the annual report for 2012. READ MORE

AEBIOM Annual Report 2011

January 2011

AEBIOM publishes the annual report for 2011. READ MORE

AEBIOM Annual Report 2010

January 2010

AEBIOM publishes the annual report for 2010. READ MORE

March 2014

EU energy dependency weakens Europe’s “geopolitical influence”
AEBIOM, EGEC, ESTIF, The Parliament, March 2014

Wood pellets gain ground
Anamaria Olaru, New Energy, March 2014

Wood pellets- A booming sector that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and comfortable!
Anamaria Olaru, European Energy Innovation, Spring 2014

December 2013

“2013 European Bioenergy Outlook”- AEBIOM Statistical Report
Cristina Calderon, Bioenergy International, no. 69, Dec. 2013

Pellet producers model forest carbon dynamics
Fanny-Pomme Langue, New Energy, No. 6, Dec. 2013

November 2013

 Wood pellets- a booming sector 
Gilles Gauthier, Forest Bioenergy Review, Nov. 2013, nr. 19, vol 4

Independent energy supply- both sustainable and more economical

Gustav Melin,  Verslas & Politika, Nov. 2013

October 2013

Coalition Publishes the Forest Sustainability and Carbon Balance Report “Bridging with Biomass”
Fanny-Pomme Langue, Bioenergy International, Oct. 2013

European pellet suppliers give views on sustainability
Arnold Dale and Fanny-Pomme Langue, Bioenergy Insight, Sept.-Oct. 2013

September 2013

Meeting the Expectations of Bioenergy
Lara Mertens, Forest Bioenergy Review, September 2013

July 2013

4th European Bioenergy Conference
Anamaria Olaru, Forest Bioenergy, July 2013

Article on the AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference
Alan Sherrard, Bioenergy International, July 2013

June 2013

IBTC: Setting the standards for torrefied biomass
Cristina Calderon, Bioenergy Insight, May-June 2013

May 2013

Natural Partners
Lara Mertens, Science Omega Review Europe, issue 2, 2013

European Industrial Pellet Suppliers (EIPS) Update
Fanny-Pomme Langue, Bioenergy International, no.66, 2013

First International Workshop on Pellet Safety held in Austria 
Christian Rakos, Bioenergy International, no. 66, 2013

February 2013

“The big question: What’s ahead for 2013?”
Fanny-Pomme Langue, Renewable Energy World, p.17

January 2013

“Bioenergy projects receive 630 million Euros under NER300″
Lara Mertens, Forest Bioenergy, no.14,p.5

“BioAlgaeSorb project – from waste to biofuels via microalgae cultivation”
Cristina Calderon, Bioenergy International, no.63, p.43

“4th European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling 22-23 April 2013, Dublin, Ireland”
RHC platform, Bioenergy International, no.63, p.43

“4th AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference 17-19 June 2013, Brussels, Belgium”
Anamaria Olaru, Bioenergy International, no.63, p.42

March 2013

“AEBIOM Bienergy Conference 2013″
Anamaria Olaru, Forest Bioenergy, no.15, p.4-5

December 2012

“Biomass can deliver climate change benefits”
EREC, New Energy, n° 6

“AEBIOM:EC limits biofuels sector but does not solve the problem”
AEBIOM, Bioenergy International, no.62, p.51

July 2012

“European Bioenergy Conference 2012″
  Edita Vagonyte, Forest Bioenergy , no.11, p.5

June 2012

“Bioenergy creates a carbon debt- myth or reality?”
  Edita Vagonyte,  Bioenergy Insight , p.3

June 2012

“Position paper pushes energy tax revision- higlights potential market distortion”
  Edita Vagonyte,Bioenergy International , no.59, p.35

May 2012

“Carbon Debt- a threat to bioenergy?”
  Edita Vagonyte,Bioenergy International , no.58, p.37

May 2012

“Cut tax to promote the use of biofuels”
  Edita Vagonyte, Forest Bioenergy , no.11, p.4

Spring 2012

“Bioenergy Challenges. Brussels backs Bioenergy”
  Edita Vagonyte, EAEM , p.51

March 2012

“Energy Roadmap 2050: neither hot nor cool”
  Edita Vagonyte, Forest Bioenergy , no.9, p.5, 2012

February 2012

“Perennial energy crops- An opportunity for CAP greening and economic growth”
  Edita Vagonyte, Bioenergy International, no.56, p.49

Evaluation report of different criteria for sustainability of biomass (EUBIONET III)

The objective of this evaluation report is to give a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art of different sustainability criteria and certification systems used in Europe and to evaluate the different criteria used for the sustainability and certification of bioenergy (D4.4. in EUBIONET III). The results from a stakeholder questionnaire provide additional recommendations on how to move forward in the development and harmonization of certification systems for bioenergy in Europe. 

Download report [HERE]

Solutions to overcome barriers in bioenergy markets in Europe (EUBIONET III)

The aim of work package 2 of the EUBIONET III project is to identify trade routes, quantify traded volumes and point out barriers & opportunities for trade. EUBIONET III also aims to assess the economically and technically viable volume of solid biomass fuels (woody, herbaceous and fruit biomass). This report covers the main results from the individual country reports.

Download report [HERE] 

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