3 reasons why MEP Bas Eickhout’s approach on bioenergy sustainability is wrong!

Last November, the European Commission has published a legislative proposal aiming at setting EU harmonised sustainability criteria for bioenergy consumed in Europe. AEBIOM is in favour of an EU harmonised framework on bioenergy sustainability as long as the taken approach relies on pragmatism and ground realities. In this respect, the proposal of the European Commission released last November was a … Read More

Carbon taxes urged to boost renewable heating

EU-funded stakeholder report calls for ‘stable legislative framework’ and renewable district heating targets. EU member states should introduce carbon taxes or levies to encourage renewable heating and cooling, an EU-funded project has recommended. The paper has been published as part of the multi-stakeholder FROnT project developing strategies for deploying renewable heating and cooling in buildings and industry. Ideally, such a tax would be set … Read More

Biomass needs to ‘shout louder’ – DONG Energy

Technologies like wind and solar could take market share from bioenergy, Danish firm warns in Brussels Denmark-based DONG Energy has issued a warning to the biomass sector that it needs to ‘shout louder’ about its achievements or risk being sidelined by other renewable energy technologies. Speaking at AEBIOM’s European Bioenergy Future Conference in Brussels DONG Energy’s executive vice president, Thomas Dalsgaard, said the industry needed … Read More