Heating and Cooling Strategy: AEBIOM contribution to the Commission’s consultation

Introductory remarks: The European Biomass Association welcomes the European Commission decision to analyse and tackle the heating and cooling sector with the upcoming Heating and Cooling Strategy. The below (technical) inputs are a summary of AEBIOM’s members contributions, as well as the contribution of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) which AEBIOM is member of. AEBIOM welcomes the focus on decarbonising … Read More

2030 Climate & Energy Framework: Joint Position on Governance from the European Renewable Industry

Meeting the 2030 renewable energy target through a robust governance system The European renewables industry welcomes the European Commission’s February 2015 Energy Union package1, which sent a positive signal on the need to move away from a fossil-fuel based energy system. To fulfil its long term decarbonisation objectives, set in the 2050 Energy Roadmap, the EU needs to support clean … Read More

A Smart and Resilient Energy Union: Objectives and Measures for the Heat Sector

A SMART AND RESILIENT ENERGY UNION: OBJECTIVES AND MEASURES FOR THE HEAT SECTOR The EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling is the result of the increasingly positive attention policy-makers have been giving the Heating and Cooling (H&C) sector, and is a fundamental step in the recognition of its key role in the overall EU climate and energy objectives. The Strategy … Read More

AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference

Bioenergy needed to contribute to 2030 EU climate and energy objectives 150 representatives of the global bioenergy sector gathered today in Brussels to discuss the future of bioenergy at the 6th AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference, major event to address the opportunities and challenges of biomass developments in Europe. The AEBIOM conference is a great opportunity to understand the EU challenges and … Read More