RED II set the first European-wide sustainability criteria for solid bioenergy

A political deal has been found between European Commission, European Parliament and Council on the Renewable Energy Directive II. This is the first time that European-wide sustainability criteria for solid bioenergy have been adopted. After almost three years full of negotiations, it is now time to step back and have a comprehensive oversight on the numerous compromise proposals: Where do … Read More

More than ever before, bioenergy needs strong public statistics to show its actual contribution and future potential

Last week following intense debates, the EU agreed for the first time on the introduction of sustainability criteria for 2020, adding additional safeguards to ensure sustainability of European bioenergy. Debates also largely revealed one complication: the difficulty of decision-makers and stakeholders to understand the key role played by a complex and fragmented sector such as bioenergy. With the entry into … Read More

Where does the EU-28 stand in its energy transition? Eurostat 2016 update

At the beginning of 2018, Eurostat released its annual publication on the state of the EU-28 energy-mix, presenting the perfect opportunity to check where the European Union stands in its energy transition and compare political ambition with actual figures. While the general trend remains positive in the move towards more renewables, in 2016, some indicators went red in the meantime. … Read More

La “Bella Vita” with bioenergy

Bella Vita is more than just a housing project close to Waterloo — it is an ingenious mix between Belgian social traditions and innovative spirit. What started as a farming school for children with learning disorders in 1920 quickly expanded as a community project with the addition of residences and a communal garden that placed intergenerational exchange at its heart. … Read More

Capitalising on Namibia’s Encroacher Bush

Bush encroachment, or the rapid spread of native bush and shrub species, is one of the greatest challenges currently facing Namibia that poses serious environmental and economic threats. The country, located on the south-west coast of southern Africa, has an estimated 45 million hectares of land affected by encroacher bush. The bush not only impacts land productivity and inhibits agriculture … Read More

“Smart building” – A buzzword with opportunities for the EU pellet industry

Christiane Egger is the Director of the Regional Energy Agency of Upper Austria. Founded in 1991, the agency runs various projects on energy-related issues with the main mission of promoting renewables and energy efficiency practices. To achieve these objectives, Christiane Egger is leading the CleanTech-Cluster , a regional energy platform established in 2000 that brings together key renewable energy providers including … Read More

Biotrade2020+ – providing guidelines for the development of an EU Bioenergy Trade Strategy

Recently,  The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) has been approved as a member of the  International Biomass Torrefaction Biomass Council (IBTC). CENER is a technology center located in Spain, specialised in applied research and in the development and promotion of renewable energies. CENER collaborated on a project named Biotrade2020+ Project from 2014 to 2016, providing guidelines for the development of a European Bioenergy Trade Strategy: What was the role of CENER in Biotrade2020+ project? Biotrade2020+, … Read More