An insight into Serbian bioenergy – Vojislav Milijic

Since 2015, AEBIOM is involved in an innovative EU project called “Sustainable Regional Supply Chains for Woody Bioenergy” (BioRES). This project aims at developing Biomass Logistics and Trade Centres (BLTCs) in three countries, Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia based on the best case practices already existing in Austria, Germany and Finland. This offers a great opportunity to learn more about the specificity of these developing … Read More

Are forest fires inevitable? – The “Serra’s Model”

Every summer, forest fires ravage lands across the whole of Europe, attracting, for a short time, the attention of media. However the situation is quite alarming and deserves more constant attention: Each year , over 60.000 forest fires broke in Europe. Worldwide, 350 million hectares are affected which represents a surface equal to 40% of the European territory. In thirty years, the burned areas … Read More

23/03/16 | Bioenergy4Business: a Pioneer Project explained

The international Bioenergy4Business (B4B) project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, supports and promotes the partial substitution of fossil fuels used for heating with available bioenergy sources, such as by-products of the wood-based industry, forest biomass, pellets, straw and other agricultural biomass products. This ambitious European project is currently targeting 10 EU countries and Ukraine. … Read More

01/03/16 | Interview to Cristina Calderon, Project Leader for the EU funded project BASIS

AEBIOM – Where did the idea of BASIS project come from? To which concerns does the BASIS project respond, according to you? Cristina Calderon – Bioenergy will play an important role to achieve the 2020 objectives and that’s why national biomass strategies are crucial for Member States to assess their domestic biomass potential and increase the sustainable use of wood. However … Read More

19/02/16 | Interview on pyrolysis oil to Kasperi Karhapää, Manager of Business Development at Fortum

AEBIOM: Could you provide us with some main facts and figures of the production of Fortum Otso Pyrolysis oil? Kasperi Karhapää: Fortum Otso bio-oil is produced from wood-based raw materials such as forest residues, wood chips or sawdust. Bio-oil is produced using fast pyrolysis technology. A bio-oil plant integrated with Fortum’s combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Joensuu, Finland, … Read More

05/02/16|Increased use of Bioenergy post 2020 achieve significant GHG emission reduction

In preparing its climate and energy goals towards 2030 and further, the EU Commission has commissioned many studies. One such report was published a few days ago. Entitled “Carbon Impacts of Biomass consumed in EU” this document was the outcome of extensive studies focused on this complex issue. The report was prepared by a consulting consortium of the UK’s Forest … Read More