Why the development of bioenergy is a logical choice even for the panel industry

Brussels, 28 October 2010. The European panel industry has recently expressed their disagreement to support further biomass development. The main concern of the panel industry is the competition for the same source – wood and/or its residues. The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) provides its position on this topic and reaffirms the essential role of bioenergy in the EU energy sector, the development … Read More

Indirect land use change

This paper was issued as a response to the European Commission’s pre-consultation process on indirect land use change (ILUC). The European Commission as required by the RES directive (2009/28) and Fuel Quality directive (2009/30) has to prepare a report reviewing the impacts on GHG emissions of indirect land use change in relation to biofuels and bioliquids and make proposals on … Read More

RES directive

In December 2008, AEBIOM has prepared a press release on the RES directive adopted by the European Parliament where it congratulates the European Institutions for an excellent work and shows how most decisions will positively affect the biomass sector whilst also explaining a few decisions that are less favourable for the bioenergy sector.

Sustainability of biofuels

In the framework of a public consultation, AEBIOM, on 30 September 2008, has submitted its position on biomass sustainability criteria to the European Commission. In this position, AEBIOM explains what should be considered when defining the sustainability criteria for biomass, proposes the methodology on how to count CO2 savings, explains how severe rules of sustainability criteria can be counterproductive and … Read More