Where does the EU-28 stand in its energy transition? Eurostat 2016 update

At the beginning of 2018, Eurostat released its annual publication on the state of the EU-28 energy-mix, presenting the perfect opportunity to check where the European Union stands in its energy transition and compare political ambition with actual figures. While the general trend remains positive in the move towards more renewables, in 2016, some indicators went red in the meantime. … Read More


  What is #noWildElectrification? #noWildElectrification is a campaign aiming at raising the attention of policy makers on the dangers of a wild electrification of the heating and cooling (H&C) sector. The urgency to tackle the decarbonisation of the H&C sector, that represents 50% of our final energy consumption, is now acknowledged by all. A variety of technologies and fuels will … Read More

Joint position papers on the Electrification of Heating and Cooling & the Primary Energy Factor

Brussels, 08.05.17 – The European Biomass Association ( AEBIOM ), the European Geothermal Association ( EGEC ) and the European Solar Thermal Association ( ESTIF ), release joint position papers on the Electrification of Heating and Cooling & the Link Between the PEF and Eco-Design/Energy Labeling Regulations:   The Electrification of the Heating and Cooling Sector: Energy consumption in the heating sector, including space heating, … Read More