EU Bioenergy – Socio-economic Indicators

In 2014, almost 500.000 people were working directly and indirectly within the sector, which is equivalent to the number of jobs created in the wind and photovoltaic industries combined. Looking within the sector itself, solid bioenergy remains the major job provider with more than 300.000 employees across Europe. This large number of jobs compared to other renewables can be easily explained by the fact that bioenergy production encompasses a great number of steps all along the supply chains— from harvesting and collecting raw materials, to the final production of green energy.




Since the entry into force of the Renewable Energy Directive in 2009, an important flow of investments in bioenergy has been noticed. According to Eurobserv’ER, from 2010 to 2014, the general bioenergy turnover grew 32% reaching 55 billion in 2014. While looking into details, one can notice similar trends as with employment regarding turnovers of the different bioenergy markets. The solid bioenergy segment experienced the biggest increase with 46% growth from 2010 to 2014.




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