Reenergizing Rural Europe – The Contribution of Biomass

Date: 17/06/2015
Time: All Day
Location: Résidence Palace – Centre de Presse International
Rue de la Loi 155 bloc C 1040
Bruxelles, Belgium
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Event Description

The European Biomass Association organized an event during the EU Sustainable Energy Week regarding the development of the rural areas in Europe. The event entitled “Reenergizing Rural Europe” referred to the growth potential in rural areas thanks to the development of bioenergy. Most of EU population is now living in cities and leaving the rural areas behind. Using biomass for energy can not only decarbonize our economy and improve our energy security, but it can also revitalize rural areas and create jobs and economic activities opportunities in these areas. The event highlighted how biomass can help structuring local supply chains, how it can contribute to improving sustainable forest management practices and finally, how it can transform rural areas into dynamic and innovative actors of the energy transition.

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