Heating and Cooling Strategy: AEBIOM contribution to the Commission’s consultation

Introductory remarks: The European Biomass Association welcomes the European Commission decision to analyse and tackle the heating and cooling sector with the upcoming Heating and Cooling Strategy.

The below (technical) inputs are a summary of AEBIOM’s members contributions, as well as the contribution of the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) which AEBIOM is member of. AEBIOM welcomes the focus on decarbonising the heating and cooling sector. Renewable energies are to play an important role in this decarbonisation. The last IPPC report highlighted that if mankind wants to keep the temperature rise in this century below 2°C, the total quantity of CO2 emissions must not exceed a given limit in this century. Broken down, this limit can be estimated with around 1,6 tons of CO2 per capita, for each year from now to 2100 worldwide. In 2013 the CO2 emissions of the EU 28 were 3740 tons in total (7,9 tons per capita), more than three times as high as they should be following the budget approach.

It is therefore more than urgent to act and address the heating and cooling sector that accounts for almost half of our energy consumption and 944 Mio tons of CO2 emitted in 2012.

In addition, it is important to highlight that the Heating and Cooling Strategy is also an important tool to address the issues of energy security, energy poverty and industry competitiveness, for which renewables can also play an important role.

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