Independent energy supply – both sustainable and more economical

It is a common practice to focus on the “greater good” when dealing with environmental problems and to disregard economic realities. The environment is so important that some people tend to forget using money efficiently. Other people believe that all environmental solutions are costly and unprofitable. None of these views are true.

When it comes to the energy markets in Europe the political influence has produced a lot of new renewable electricity but often at a very high cost and as a consequence with severe impact on national budgets. In some countries the support to renewable electricity has been withdrawn for this reason. Spain can be mentioned as an example, when January this year they decided to cancel their support schemes and new investments were stopped. This is understandable, not every country is rich and can spend money as freely as Germany and guarantee producers of specific renewable electricity around 20 euro cents regardless that the cost of the produced energy on the electricity market falls nearly to zero or even below. Recently, the electricity market and the costs of the “Energiwende” also have become the object of the debates in Germany.

Gustav MELIN

President, European Biomass Association.

CEO, Swedish Bioenergy Association.

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