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American Biocarbon LLC
American Biocarbon

Full Name in the national language:

American Biocarbon LLC

Company / Organization:

American Biocarbon LLC


Street Address : 32505 LA Highway 1
City : White Castle
State / Province : LA
Postal / Zip Code : 70788
Country : United States

VAT Number:




Member Type

AEBIOM Associated Member, IBTC Member

Sector of Activity

Agricultural biomass/Energy crops, Electricity/CHP, Solid Biomass Fuels, Torrefaction

Base Country



(631) 2527032


American BioCarbon, LLC (formerly NFR BioEnergy, LLC) is a renewable energy company that uses a proprietary carbonization process to convert sugarcane waste into biocarbon that burns and handles like coal.  We have secured a significant long-term supply of annually renewable biomass feedstock in partnership with sugar mills and their associated farmers.  The mutual benefits will help facilitate a transition to a green harvest of sugarcane and provide an alternative to the current practice of field burning.  The resulting biocarbon we produce is carbon neutral and the pellets can be co-fired or used as a complete replacement at coal-fired power plants with minimal modifications.

Why did you join AEBIOM?

We agree that collaboration and exchange of ideas for companies producing torrefied/carbonized bio fuels and bio base materials is very important to make this very young technology viable for the general commodity market.