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Austrian Biomass Association (ABA)
Austrian Biomass Association (ABA)

Full Name in the national language:

Österreichischer Biomasse-Verband (ABA)

Company / Organization:

Austrian Biomass Association (ABA)


Franz Josefs-Kai 13 1010 Wien AUSTRIA

VAT Number:

ATU 60521206



Member Type

AEBIOM Full Member

Sector of Activity


Base Country



+43-1-533 07 97/11


Our vision is the complete conversion of Austria to an efficient and renewable energy system with the best possible contribution of indigenous, sustainably produced biomass. The Austrian Biomass Association is implementing a number of activities to implement the association's targets: -Implementation of education and information measures such as conferences, professional events, etc. -Implementation of professional training courses, in particular basic and further training seminars for technicians -Publication of publications, in particular as support for various educational measures -Media work -Development of position papers and concepts on various issues of energy policy and the use of biomass -Extensive lecturing and cooperation in the field of education with organizations with similar objectives -Influence on the national and international will formation process in the energy and environmental policy as well as comprehensive information provision for politics and economy on the applications and advantages of biomass as energy carriers -Education and information provision for people who work with biomass in their practical occupations, especially in the fields of heat, electricity, biofuels and biogas -Intensify the co-operation between application, business, industry, research and science, in particular through various educational offers -Improvement of marketing opportunities for biogenic fuels