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Biomass association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Biomass association of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Full Name in the national language:

Udruženje Biomasa u Bosni i Hercegovini

Company / Organization:

Biomass association of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Vilsonovo šetalište br. 9 Sarajevo 71000 Bosna i Hercegovina

VAT Number:




Member Type

AEBIOM Full Member

Sector of Activity

Solid Biomass Fuels

Base Country

Bosnia and Herzegovina


(+38733) 613358


Main objective is to create a sustainable market for biomass energy in B&H. The Association aims to bring together all stakeholders in the biomass sector in B&H in order to improve the representation of the sector, improve the position of domestic producers and users, and monitor global trends in legislation, technology and marketing of biomass. The creation of the Association will enable local manufacturers and representatives of the sector to gain a better position in the market to represent their interests. Association activities: • Organization of congresses, conferences, seminars and other forms of scientific and technical education; • Encourage educational and informative activities of citizens and raise awareness of the importanceof biomass and its use in B&H; • Monitoring supply and demand in the domestic and foreign markets biomass and equipment for processing and use of biomass; • Help and support in the development and implementation of projects and programs in accordance with the objectives of the Association; • Publishing of books, brochures and other publications; • Commitment to socially and environmenta lly acceptable efficient use of energy and resources with a focus on woody biomass; • Encourage the establishment and improvement of legal regulations in &H in the field related to biomass and coordinate the harmonization of national standards and regulations with the standards and regulations of the European Union in the field of biomass.