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Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)
Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

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Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)

Company / Organization:

Clean Electricity Generation B.V. (CEG)


Cruquiusweg 111R, 1019 AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Member Type

AEBIOM Associated Member, IBTC Member

Sector of Activity

Solid Biomass Fuels

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(+31)(0)20 560 08 07


Main activity: Our mission is to reduce the cost of energy by developing unique approaches to new sustainable technologies, by : • developing proprietary sustainable energy technologies • implementing our technologies into renewable energy production plants • licensing our technologies to third parties • on-going development of state-of-the-art torrefaction technology Geographical coverage: World-wide with a focus on North-America and Europe. Size: CEG is growing robustly and has over 15 employees on several locations. General Description about the products that you produce, the service that you can offer: Our proprietary torrefaction reactor converts biomass into bio carbon products like bio coal for conventional power and heating plants, bio char for agricultural purposes, and activated carbon for the water purification industry. Our unique process simultaneously generates green electricity. The electricity and bio carbon products will be produced with no net energy imported from non-renewable systems, which is an important factor for qualification for abundant subsidy programs. References: Clean Electricity Generation UK Limited, Derby DE24 8DX, full production & demonstration plant