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Croatian Forestry Society (CROBIO)
Croatian Forestry Society (CROBIO)

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Croatian Forestry Society (CROBIO)


Trg Mažuranića 11 Zagreb Croatia



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AEBIOM Full Member

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Roots Forestry companies are associated with the Forestry Department of the Croatian-Slavonian Economic Society, which was founded in Zagreb in 1841 . as a " covenant people, who want unapriediti poljarstvo and forestry, economic obrtnost, Earth-and natural sciences ." Forestry Department is 1846 . year became independent as a Croatian-Slavonian Forestry Association which is considered the beginning of the work of the Croatian Forestry Association. By comparison the first forestry company in Central Europe was founded in 1839 in Germany, in Baden - Württemberg, and Switzerland's Forestry Society was founded in 1843. 1996 Croatian Forestry Society founded the Academy of Forestry Sciences (ASZ) in which it freely and voluntarily associate scientists to promote forestry science, assembly and encourage cooperation between scientists of different forestry and related fields (discipline), in a common cause, supporting active and economic development Croatian . Since the first 2008 double issue Forestry is listed by Thomson Scientific, Philadelphia, USA in the category of the magazine with the highest scientific category and is indexed and abstracted in Science Citation Index Expanded (also known as Sci Search) and Journal Citation Reports / Science Edition. Previous works thus achieve maximum scientific weight and provide the authors of top criteria necessary for scientific advancement. Since the same number of outputs and the web edition of the magazine, and all research papers are automatically transferred to the central portal of Croatian scientific issues - HRČAK. Since 2006, the Croatian Forestry Association has its own virtual identity - - under which on its website ( promotes its components and activities, provides an overview of current events both in society and in general in the Croatian forestry. Thanks to the Internet is available globally integrated Directory Croatian foresters , who is trying to cover all foresters who have ever worked in the Croatian forestry - around 14,000 people, with their biographies and bibliographies. HSD is one of the first magazines in Croatia fully digitized until now came out numbers Forestry Journal and the entire structure of about 80,000 pages offered on the global use and search on its website. Has been established and a virtual library unions , through which is already available online through 4,000 books in our library.