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Blackwood Technology B.V.
Blackwood Technology

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Blackwood Technology B.V.

Company / Organization:

Blackwood Technology B.V.


Siriusdreef 17-27 2132 WT Hoofddorp The Netherlands

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Member Type

AEBIOM Associated Member, IBTC Member

Sector of Activity

Pellet, Solid Biomass Fuels, Torrefaction

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+31 (0)23 568 92 47


Blackwood has acquired leading biomass torrefaction technology from Topell. Blackwood Technology B.V. (“Blackwood”) announces that it has acquired the leading technology for the torrefaction of biomass from Topell Energy B.V. (“Topell”). This transaction involves all intellectual property pertaining to Topell’s proprietary technology and processes on the production of high-value solid biofuel from woody biomass and agro residues. The latter is commonly referred to as torrefied biomass, black pellets, refined pellets or biocoal. Blackwood is incorporated by former key staff members of Topell, who will expand and commercialize this proven technology further. The newly acquired technology was developed by Topell and has been proven on an industrial scale. This proof included a large co-firing test in 2013, during which torrefied pellets produced with Topell’s technology were co-fired at the coal-fired Amer power station in the Netherlands for a period of three months. Blackwood Technology is a Dutch renewable energy company, focusing on the torrefaction of biomass. Blackwood’s leading and award-winning torrefaction technology was proven at industrial scale in a demonstration plant in the Netherlands. Torrefied pellets produced by Blackwood’s technology have been successfully co-fired in large scale European power plants as well as in smaller scale CHPs. Blackwood is planning a worldwide roll-out of its technology through a licensing model. As part of this strategy, Blackwood has signed a licensing agreement with South African utility Eskom for the construction of torrefaction plants in the SADC region. In energy generation, torrefaction enables the use of a wide variety of feedstocks, reduces logistics costs, and lowers capex and opex at power and heating plants for handling and burning biofuel. Today, torrefied biomass is applicable for (co-)firing in large power plants as well as for decentralized heating applications. In the future, torrefaction creates the opportunity to accelerate the use of biomass in industrial applications and as a feedstock for large-scale gasification to produce biobased chemicals and materials.