Letter sent to President Juncker about EU Energy Union

EU Energy Union

Dear President Juncker,

The renewable energy industry, represented by the associations below, trust that the latest positive signs for the establishment of a resilient and sustainable Energy Union are a step in the right direction. An energy union without a strong emphasis on renewable energy would not do justice to the concept. We strongly support your continued efforts in this direction using the current momentum to implement your clear message and leitmotiv for this Commission to make the EU “the world number one in renewable energies”.

A vibrant domestic market that gives investors the right signals and confidence to invest in large scale renewable deployment can be achieved with an energy market design fulfilling the following criteria:

  • respectful of a high share and specificities of renewables in the EU heating, electricity and transport energy mix;
  • fully implementing the legislation to meet the EU 2020 objectives; and
  • preparing a clear vision for even higher shares of renewables beyond 2020.

These aspects are necessary to achieve the climate, social and economic objectives of the European Union and to make it a world leader in using renewables

This should be accompanied by a robust and reliable governance system for renewables and energy efficiency. It must ensure consistency and comparability of Member States’ policies and be accompanied by clear legislation to meet the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets.

Renewables are a means for a stable, secure, affordable and democratic energy system for the European Union which generates jobs and wealth as supported by a number of recent studies. Renewables also offer sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for the European industry and thus contribute to Europe’s competitiveness.

Investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency to address the current heating crisis and to reduce the EU’s dependency on fossil fuel imports are feasible and advantageous for the EU and its citizens. Recent examples in various European cities such as the Hungarian towns of Miskolc and Pécs, the third and fifth largest city of Hungary respectively, illustrate that a switch from fossil fuels to renewables within a short period of time is possible.

We hope that the strong arguments and advantages for renewables will support your continued action to turn your commitment to make the EU “the world number one in renewable energies” into successful policy actions.

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