Statistical Report 2014

The 2014 AEBIOM Statistical Report was first released in November 2014. The 5th Edition of the AEBIOM Statistical Report was a crucial milestone towards the improvement of the report both in terms of content and communication. For the first time the report is offered in two different formats: a free short one, setting out the key statistical outcomes for a broad audience and a 160-page paid version dedicated to professionals. Meanwhile, communication around the report has been extended: new video and professionally designed graphic material has been developed for this purpose.

The free-of-charge version can be downloaded here:

Table of contents
Detailed contents of the Pellet chapter
Summary presentation of most relevant graphs

Key issues addressed:

  • Overview of the EU energy system
  • Bioenergy market developments
  • Data on biomass resources from forest, agriculture and waste streams
  • Exhaustive overview on the pellets sector

Did you know that… ?

  • Bioenergy represented 68% of the total gross inland consumption of renewables in 2011.
  • Total gross inland consumption of renewables in the EU was 169 Mtoe in 2011, from which 115 Mtoe was biomass and renewable waste.
  • Biomass accounted for 8,4% of the total final energy consumption in Europe in 2011. In some countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden this is above 25%.
  • 95,5% of the final heat consumption from renewables is biomass for heat.
  • More than 50% of biomass for heat is consumed by households.
  • The EU pellet consumption for heating has grown by more than 1 million tons per year since 2010, amounting to 8 million tons in 2012.
  • Around 50% of these pellets are ENplus certified.

Readers’ feedback on the 2014 Edition:

“The graphs are really useful, they transport information. The best compilation of international pellet data I have ever seen.”

“The content of the report met our expectations. The purchase of the report was definitely a useful investment for our organization.”

“Thank you for this comprehensive report that I would recommend for the following themes: general overview of the EU energy system in the EU, biomass supply, biomass for heat and electricity, biogas and pellets.”