Statistical Report 2015

Every year since its first release in 2007AEBIOM Statistical Report – European Bioenergy Outlook has sought to provide European stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the latest market trends in bio-heat, bio-electricity and bio-fuel sectors. The Full Report (200+ pages) gathers statistics, infographics and the most up-to-date data on the developments of the European bioenergy industry. Once again, the report is an important tool for the industry and for investors and policy makers to make informed evaluations and decisions. Have a glance at the table of contents. Order your copy here or click on the button below.

For the first time, in 2015 the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) has produced a summary version of the full report, the ‘Key Findings’ one (25+ pages) summing up the most important 2015 figures on the latest developments of the bioenergy sector – so that a brief but global overview can be provided to a wider audience. Download the Key Findings here or click on the button below.

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Key issues addressed

  • Overview of the European energy system and the status of renewables and bioenergy;
  • Analysis of the feedstock situation: agriculture, forestry and waste;
  • Status on the use of biomass for heat, electricity and transport;
  • Original information on 4.000 bioenergy plants using wood chips in Europe;
  • Current status of progress towards 2020 targets: review of the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs);
  • Bioenergy socio-economic indicators;
  • Comprehensive analysis of EU national support schemes for bioenergy;
  • Original statistics from the main actors from the pellet sector;
  • ENplus Certification statistics.

Did you know that… ?

  • The European renewable energy production (192 Mtoe) overtakes the production of energy from indigenous coal (155 Mtoe), natural gas (131 Mtoe) and oil (72 Mtoe);
  • The final energy consumption of bioenergy in 2013 was 105 Mtoe, almost double that of 2000;
  • Biomass for heat and bio-heat represents 78,4 Mtoe, followed by bioelectricity with 13,5 Mtoe and biofuels for transport at 13,1 Mtoe;
  • Biomass provides 88,9% of renewable heat and more than 18% of renewable electricity;
  • Bioenergy currently employs 494.550 people in Europe, almost half of the total RES workers.


Readers’ feedback on the 2015 Edition

“Finally congratulations to all of you on a wonderful publication – the graphics, design, editorials, etc. make the entire publication not just a “must read” but a “want to read”. That is no mean achievement – making statistics, policy & hard facts, typically material with high “dry matter content”, into a fluid & dynamic “matter of fact” style read! “

“Congratulations AEBIOM Team! I just got through reading the AEBIOM Statistical Report 2015 (Key Findings Report). Short summaries, colorful graphics and pictures are excellent for these purposes. Professionals will get quite quickly an actual overview about the basic energy situation we just have in Europe. That´s good.”