Membership Application Information

What is the membership fees structure?

1. Associations

All national bioenergy, renewable energy, pellets or sectorial associations.

A1 – All national bioenergy associations (=Full Members).

A2 – All national renewable energy associations (=Full Members).

A3 – All national pellets associations.

A4 – All other national sectoral associations.

4 % of total membership fees
with a minimum of 1.000,00 EUR and a maximum of 10.000,00 EUR

2. Companies

All companies willing to support the work of AEBIOM in the bioenergy sector.

C1 – Companies with a bioenergy turnover < 5 Million €) 1.000,00 €
C2 – Companies with a bioenergy turnover < 25 Million €) 2.000,00 €
C3 – Companies with a bioenergy turnover < 50 Million €) 4.000,00 €
C4 – Companies with a bioenergy turnover < 100 Million €) 8.000,00 €
C5 – Companies with a bioenergy turnover > 100 Million €) 16.000,00 €

3. Academic and Research Institutions

All universities, institute and research institutions.

Flat rate                                                                                      1.000,00 €

*Displayed fees are VAT excluded.

** Starting in 2018, the fees will be indexed based on Belgian Index, including the minimum and maximum.

***Extra services: members can initiate a Task Force within AEBIOM and the Secretariat will help to work out objectives, a work plan and a budget. The fees for this service are flexible depending on the expected budget and number of financing partners.

What is the difference between a the membership categories?

In AEBIOM, there are 2 categories of membership: Full and Associated Members. They have different election and decision rights in the governance of AEBIOM (General Assembly, Steering Committee and Board). Full Members elect the President and the Board Directors.

Full Member (FM) affiliation is open to all national bioenergy and renewable associations.

Associated Member (AM) affiliation is open to all organizations which are not eligible to become full member:

  • Sectoral associations (pellet, biogas, miscanthus, etc.)
  • Companies
  • Research centers
  • Institute
  • Universities
  • Consultancy firms

What is the application process?

  1. Identify your fees and have a look at the terms & conditions;
  2. Complete the application form accordingly;
  3. AEBIOM will confirm the good reception of your application and will submit it to the Board of Directors;
  4. AEBIOM will announce the Board decision and all relevant information about the membership.

 AEBIOM’s networks membership: EPC and IBTC?

Members of the European Pellet Council (EPC)  and of the International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC) are also members of AEBIOM.  Indeed the condition to join IBTC or EPC  networks is to apply first to become AEBIOM member.

  • EPC members are national pellet associations or related organisations.
  • IBTC members are European and international companies developing biomass torrefaction technology, pellet /briquette machine manufacturers, the technical division of the utilities and national or sectorial associations as well as other bodies or groups dedicated to the promotion of the use of torrefied biomass.

Who are AEBIOM Members?

Who is your point of contact for all your questions?

If you have any question regarding the costs, the benefits, the projects or files that AEBIOM is currently following, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Sarah Cohen
Membership & Office Manager
+32 2 318 41 00

Application Form

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