Statistical Report 2017


Launched in 2007, the annual AEBIOM Statistical Report has established itself as a reference publication over the decade, providing a comprehensive and timely overview of the latest bioenergy market trends to all bioenergy stakeholders across Europe.

AEBIOM is therefore able to develop a detailed report that helps the industry, decision makers, investors and all bioenergy professionals to understand the situation of bioenergy in Europe and therefore make informed decisions.

In its 2016 Edition, the Statistical Report has gone one step further by providing professionals with market forecasts. Based on past trends and the current situation, AEBIOM has built projections for bioheat, bioelectricity and biofuels for transport until 2020. The full version of the report (300+ pages) is still available for you to order – you can also download its summarised ‘Key Findings’ version. To access both, click here.

After the success of the 2015 edition, with more than 3500 downloads for the Key Findings report, the 2016 AEBIOM Statistical Report was released on the 20th of October and was officially presented at AEBIOM’s 2016 Annual Conference European Bioenergy Future on the 16th and 17th November 2016.

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