Agricultural Biomass, overcoming non-technical barriers

The SUCELLOG project – Triggering the creation of biomass logistic centres by the agroindustry – aims to widespread the participation of the agrarian sector in the sustainable supply of solid biofuels in Europe. SUCELLOG action focuses in an almost unexploited logistic concept: the implementation of agro-industry logistic centres in the agro-industry as a complement to their usual activity evidencing the large synergy existing between the agroeconomy and the bio-economy. Further information about the project and the partners involved are available under

Besides techno-economic and sustainability requirements which can be adjusted and overcome by the agro-industry, some non-technical barriers related to market approaches, policy regulations and laws can arise hindering the creation of those logistic centres. SUCELLOG project’s partners identified a list of those key barriers in the target countries at national and regional levels detected during the development of SUCELLOG actions and proposes recommendations to overcome these barriers. Read the report...

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